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***E-Service is MANDATORY for documents that are filed via this application and require service. You must register for e-service on each case. For more information about this requirement, refer to Local General Rule 30 at

***SIGNATURES are the responsibility of the filing party per GR 30. If your document includes digital signatures from DocuSign or other similar vendors, the digital signature will not be authenticated or preserved in the e-filing process. This doesn't impact the image of the signatures or the document."

***UNLAWFUL DETAINER ACTIONS: Governor Inslee and a number of Mayors of cities in King County have issued moratoriums on evictions, late fees and other related issues. King County Superior Court will follow these moratoria on these legal matters.

***FAMILY LAW CALENDAR: As of March 25th, 2020, we no longer accept Working Copies on the Family Law Calendar except the Trial by Affidavit Calendar.

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